Accounts & Auditing

“A digital marketing audit helps clarify and empower decision making for your digital efforts”

A digital marketing audit is a business document (usually a Presentation) which outlines all the marketing activities and efforts an organization undertakes on digital marketing channels. It mostly details the execution and results rather than describing strategy or plans. A digital marketing audit contains key information to help define or evaluate a digital marketing strategy. It can identify opportunities such as new channels or reveal insight into competitor activities and performance.

Without a digital marketing audit, you’re basically in the dark. It’s difficult to set achievable and realistic KPIs without having a good understanding of your performance metrics on each digital channel. This is relevant across owned, paid and earned activity. Once you’ve established these performance metrics you can benchmark them historically and competitively to identify trends. Knowing this information will enable you to take a data-led approach to what you do next.


A digital marketing audit is usually the pre-cursor to “getting things done”. Whether you want to build a new website, activate a new marketing channel or optimize what you’re publishing – a digital audit can outline the business case backed up with data insight.

For the client, there are a number of potential triggers for conducting a digital marketing audit. These are some of the most popular:

Before you start, make sure you’ve gained access to the necessary profiles and accounts. Depending on your client, this may not be straight forward. Some large organizations have bad digital governance and might struggle to find all their logins or worse, may not even have full visibility over all the systems and software they use. If you find yourself in this situation, you’ll need to assist your client to identify and gain access to accounts.