Amazon Product Promotion is India's most visited online shopping marketplace in India and more customers than ever rely on for online shopping. With orders from over 100% serviceable pin-codes in India, has become the online destination for small and medium sized enterprises.

Amazon’s marketplace is just as lucrative as it is crowded.

To profit as a seller, you have to stand out against over two million merchants. But if you do grab buyers’ attention, you’re bound to make sales since so many shoppers flock to Amazon. The average conversion rate in the marketplace is roughly 15%, roughly three to five times that of other e-commerce sites.


The key to reaching Amazon shoppers is maximizing your listings’ visibility. There are so many products on the marketplace, and buyers don’t have the time or patience to sift through every single one. Make it easy for buyers to find your products and you’re on track to win greater sales.

For products on your own online store, promotion is straightforward. You spread product awareness outside of your store through ads and other marketing efforts to drive traffic back to your listing pages.

Amazon listings are more complicated—they require both external and internal promotion. With so much competition in the marketplace, sellers have to craft their listings to be highly visible on Amazon’s website, not just outside of it.

Promotion for Amazon listings is simply using outside channels to drive traffic back to your listing. It allows you to hook shoppers who aren’t already on Amazon to check out your listing.

Here are a few examples of external promotion methods for Amazon listings:

Social media: Create ads and connect with influences to spread awareness of your Amazon products and link back to your listings on social media.

SEO: Include keywords your target buyers are Goggling in your product listing to have it rank high in search engine results.

Getting backlinks: Find opportunities to link to your Amazon listings—such as publishing blog posts—to increase your items’ visibility and drive external traffic to your products.

With external promotion, you can make your listings stand out to shoppers outside of Amazon and maximize your sales.