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Blogging has certainly come a very long way. What started out originally as a means of keeping an online journal or diary has now become a lucrative enterprise. People actually earn money from blogging, with some bloggers earning more than what most people in conventional jobs earn. In fact, it has become a source of livelihood for some, with bloggers viewing it as their bread and butter.


But as lucrative as blogging is, only a few actually make a lot of money blogging. Many earn money, yes, but they only get around a hundred dollars a month. That is certainly not an amount that would be enough to convince anyone to give up their day jobs and devote their time solely to blogging.

The storytelling quality of a design should never obscure or get in the way of reading the blog. A good blog design tells a story— but is also be conventional and makes reading comfortable (don’t design something so unusual that it confuses readers!). This is a collection of 26 blogs— spanning multiple industries— that I believe are good examples of good blog designs.