The world of digital content production is vast, and there is a wide range of content that is produced every day, ranging from high-fashion editorials, to community newsletters... One of the most common, and most effective, forms of digital content is the online catalog. As marketing and sales efforts continually transition to online formats and ecommerce platforms become increasingly relevant, most brands have opted to create a digital version of their catalogue, and in some cases, entirely switch to online material.

At Top Spot, we build websites with that customer experience in mind. We have produced dozens of award-winning websites with catalogue integrations that feature multi-faceted site searches, 3D CAD modelling, and configurators.


Hand-in-hand with brand identity is effective catalog design. The first impression of the catalog, and the decision to open and interact is driven by the catalog cover. The cover must be aesthetically appealing, but also convey what the contents include. Depending on the category, an offer or hook can pique interest, or create a sense of urgency. Catalog interiors should have user-friendly organization. Larger catalog should have a table of contents, folios or tabs. And remember, white space is good! A critical aspect of catalog design is the subject of one of our next best practices, photography.