Company Annual Events

Company events can often be the first item chopped from the budget in an effort to save money. Some people don’t think company events are necessary and that they would be the least noticeable items to cut. Given the choice to cut the weekly catered lunch, new desk chairs, or a company event, most people believe the company event is the easiest budget item to trim.

Company events are much more than just a chance for employees to gather. Whether you have an annual awards ceremony and dinner, a summer picnic, or a holiday party, it’s much more than just kicking back and letting your hair down. Company events help:


Focusing on company events really is an investment. Just like you invest in marketing and recruiting, you should also invest in company events to see numerous positive results.

An annual event is the perfect occasion for culture-building and getting everyone together. Even when the event is geared more towards an external audience, it is still the perfect time to get employees involved and working together to make the event a big success.

An annual event allows employees to understand how far the organisation has travelled over the past year. It is also the perfect moment to introduce new objectives and plans that will be executed during the following year.

At the same time, employees can also hear from the top management of the business directly. This helps boost their sense of ownership and belonging, which results in a significant boost in motivation. Since everyone attends the event, the impact is rather substantial.

Every company can benefit from having company events. It doesn’t matter if you’re a large organization or a small start-up or what industry you’re in. Gather your employees for a company event and see these four benefits:

Almost all top businesses in the world have a flagship annual event. Apple has its WWDC and Google has the Google I/O developer conference. Other companies have either internal annual events or big corporate events designed to generate media attention.

Either way, annual events remain one of the best ways to achieve certain key objectives.