Planning to engage your community online requires a disciplined thought process just like any other form of strategic planning. The more time and considered planning you give to the process, the more likely you are to run an effective and meaningful online engagement.

Before a lead converts, they engage repeatedly with your website. As a business owner, your aim is to provide such a rewarding site experience that the visitor is compelled to return. An effective web engagement strategy uses visuals, text, and technical features to increase both the volume and the quality of these on-site interactions.

Promofobia will give design your website improve the on-site engagement of your small business website. These techniques will allow you to generate leads, drive traffic, and retain the attention of your target audience.


The involvement of stakeholders, partners and communities in government and agency planning, decision-making and service delivery is important for ensuring the responsiveness, quality and effectiveness of programmes and services. Effective community and sector engagement also contributes to broader social outcomes such as building capacity and supporting democratic processes. Rather than presenting a prescriptive approach to planning and evaluating community engagement activities, the resources here encourage practitioners to use their judgement in matching the approaches and methods to best support the objectives and budget of the engagement program in question.