An exhibition, in the most general sense, is an organized presentation and display of a selection of items. In practice, exhibitions usually occur within a cultural or educational setting such as a museum, art gallery, park, library, exhibition hall, or World's fairs. Exhibitions can include many things such as art in both major museums and smaller galleries, interpretive exhibitions, natural history museums and history museums, and also varieties such as more commercially focused exhibitions and trade fairs.

Exhibition making is a creative process and as such, there are thankfully no absolute rules as to what can make a project soar or slump. The process of creating an exhibition is most often than not collaborative and involves many stakeholders with diverse agendas. Keeping a strong vision from A to Z is a challenge on every project and so here’s a short checklist that can help any team navigate some common pitfalls when it comes to creating exciting and engaging exhibitions.

Attendees from all around the world can participate and attend the event and witness what you have to exhibit. You may exhibit your content and interact with the audience as well on a virtual platform, however the case is that people generally tend to get disengaged after a while as they have to witness what you offer on a screen may make them feel disconnected.


Provide you attendees with tasks and activities to perform during the exhibition, encourage them to ask questions, once they start participating in the event they will be compelled to sit for the entire duration of the time and stay engaged. For an exhibition event to be successful, audience engagement is crucial, as they are the determining factor of the success for your event. Thus today we will look at 10 ideas that may help you keep your attendees engaged and make your virtual exhibition a success.