Influencer Marketing

How our influencer marketing platform can help brands?

Our content creators (Influencers) and marketing experts create unique content and devise the comprehensive influencer marketing strategy to utilize the trusted relationship between influencers and their followers to position your product superior. This way, we help businesses in increasing their awareness, leads and sales through positive engagement.


Why Grynow is the Best Influencer Marketing Platform in India

The top three goals of influencer marketing for businesses comprise increasing brand awareness (85%), reaching new audiences (71%), and generating sales and conversions (64%).

These marketing goals of a brand are often aligned with its target audience. Hence understanding customer needs and wants are vital for designing an effective campaign. Leveraging the power of influencers, brands can reach large, niche-specific audiences rapidly and easily while integrating us in their digital influencer marketing plan. Knowing their pain points, we ask the influencer to create more engaging content that prompts people to take their clients' desired action: purchase brands products/services.

Being the best influencer marketing platform in India, we maintain a vast network of influencers for which many brands approach us for digital influencer marketing. We understand their query, discuss the marketing goals, and after analysing their target customers, our team of professionals, strategists and experts, discover the social personalities who cater to a similar audience base that is of interest to their clients. As Influencer marketing strategies engrossed on branding or engagements generate 8x ROI Our experts work on a campaign designed specifically to meet the brand's ultimate goal.

We help them employ leading, niche content creators, who already market to their ideal audience across different channels which allows them to expand reach across their buyer personas. After finding the influencer who meets the criteria of engagement, reach, and audience demographic we help brands to increase the traffic on their website, boost conversions, sales, awareness, credibility and authority.