LMR Certifications

The S412E LMR Master from Anritsu is a single instrument that combines all of the tools required to install, maintain, and certify Land Mobile Radio systems.

This four day instructor-led certification class will give students a complete overview of the S412E LMR Master, enabling them to fully utilize the many features and functions of this instrument. Live polling quiz questions and extensive use of hands-on labs throughout builds confidence and helps students become proficient using the instrument.

The entire first day is spent familiarizing the student with every facet of the Spectrum Analyser mode plus coverage mapping. Hands-on mini-labs throughout the day familiarize students with every function immediately after covering the topic in lecture. Since decibels are the language of RF (radio frequency) measurements, the students also learn an easy way to calculate decibels in their head.


The second day of class covers RF interference scientifically but in an easy to understand format that teaches successful interference hunting techniques. The day culminates with a live interference hunt where each student must work independently to identify and locate their own distinct source of interference.

On day three, students will learn to test cables and antennas, tune Duplexers, and learn to interpret digital measurements (Eye Diagrams and Constellations). Each student will be given a cable, antenna and Duplexer during several hands-on lab activities.

Day four is spent covering optional topics such as P25, NXDN, DMR2, PTC and LTE signals, learn to use the Channel Scanner, GPS and Power Meter functions in the S412E as well as MST (Master Software Tools) to display measurements and create reports. A final review of all the quiz questions is conducted before the final written exam is given. Students that successfully complete the course receive an LMR Master Certificate of Completion and Photo ID Badge.