Magazine Ads

Magazine ads is the ads that people see placed throughout publications. Magazine Ads continues to be an effective form of communicating both brand and product-specific messages to targeted audiences. Magazine advertisements major benefit to businesses is its ability to display higher quality images than either direct mail or newspaper. Even if you are a small business, you can advertise in the most widely read and distributed national magazines. National magazines often have regional versions of their magazines or sections. Magazines are typically kept for a longer period of time than newspapers because of their higher printing quality. A reader of a magazine may keep an issue if it contains particularly interesting information. Magazines have a longer “life” than newspapers. People may pass magazines on to their friends and family which will increase exposure of your advert. Reading that leads to thorough understanding of an often complex issue or long story.


Magazines and ads advertisements in Magazines offer reader’s inspiration and inspiration often leads to purchase. Did you know that adverts placed on the right hand page are more expensive than the left hand page? Also you may have to pay a premium for adverts placed on the outside edge as oppose to in the centre. This is because of the way readers’ eyes scan pages. If you are wondering whether Magazine Ads is right for your business, then contact us and we’ll let you know!

One option is to go really local with free magazines that you'd find in grocery stores or pharmacies. The focus of these types of publications is on home sales, cars, boats and other topics--you've probably picked up one yourself. Your business doesn't have to tie directly into the topics of any one of the magazines, as long as the readers of those magazines would also be interested in your product or service. Remember, it's the audience that counts, and you can find that audience in any number of places. The contact information for advertising in these publications will also be located within the first few pages. One thing to be aware of is that these types of free publications are published on different schedules, sometimes just a few times a year. And like most magazines, your deadline will be way ahead of publication, so don't wait until the last minute to call to place an ad.

One advantage of magazines, especially monthlies, is that they have a much longer shelf life than newspapers; they are often browsed through for months after publication. So your ad might have an audience for up to six months after its initial insertion. Moreover, readers spend more time per sitting with a magazine than a newspaper, so there's more chance they will run across your ad.