Media Stories

Short-form videos, also known as stories, are immersive and easy to use. They are set up as a constant stream of content that the user can traverse with easy gesture controls. Anything that isn’t interesting can be easily skipped without exiting the video stream. On most apps, these short videos will disappear in 24 hours.

Social media stories started on Snapchat, but have since branched out to nearly every other social media and communication platform. These are quick, typically 10-15 second photo or video clips that give people a slightly different glimpse into a person or business and disappear within 24 hours.


While feeds are carefully curated, social media stories tend to be more spontaneous. For brands, this can mean showcasing smartphone-captured behind-the-scenes footage, company announcements and more.

The biggest defining factor in stories is that they are temporary. On most platforms, they last only 24 hours, although Instagram does give users the option to save certain stories to their highlights reel for users to view again and again. This helps drive the more casual feel of stories, and can also create an element of FOMO.

Now that you know a bit more about what social media stories are, let’s cover the platforms that have now introduced various versions of this feature.

Facebook revealed that more than one billion people use Stories every day across their products, including:

That is just shy of the entire population of the United States and Europe together using one type of social media content.

Instagram has also confirmed that users spend between 24 and 32 minutes watching stories every day, which is longer than an episode of your average sitcom.