News Letters

Create engaging designs with our newsletter service

Intuitive editor and free templates

Promofobia newsletter software comes with a user-friendly Drag & Drop email editor. Simply select the content blocks to add onto the newsletter body and customize the email design to match your brand.

You can also choose one of 70+ templates from our gallery, or code your email from scratch with the HTML editor.


Mobile-friendly newsletters

All newsletters designed with Promofobia are automatically mobile-friendly. Our email editor is programmed to create responsive emails that fit every screen size.

Get a preview of how your email looks on different devices and email clients.

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Make each new newsletter better than the last

Real-time statistics

Promofobia has an advanced analytics dashboard to dig deep into campaign data. Analyze newsletter performance as it’s being sent.

Monitor key campaign metrics in real time to identify areas of opportunity and improvement.

A/B test for best results

Send the best version of your email campaign, every time. A/B testing leads to higher open rates and more conversions for your newsletters.