Promotional Events

You’ve got an upcoming event that you’ve put a lot of time into planning, and it’s time to get the word out. At this point, most people would simply blast out info on social media and let that be that. This is fine, and will probably get your event some attention. But there are more creative—and ultimately, more effective—ways you can promote your event. These creative event promotion ideas will get you fired up to promote your event successfully and ensure you generate a lot of interest.

Whether you are hosting a large-scale international trade show or an executive-level private function, event marketing needs to be an integral part of the demand generation mix. After all, a strategic combination of online and offline event marketing is essential to any company’s bottom line.

Marketing is an important element of your overall event plan. According to a recent study by Eventbrite, 40% of respondents said marketing and promotion were their top event management expenses in 2018. Without marketing and promotion, it’s nearly impossible to spread the word about your event.


Because audiences vary, they will find your event in different ways and they’ll respond to a variety of approaches. With this in mind, it’s key to create a marketing plan that includes a mix of approaches, including email campaigns, public relations, social media, paid advertising, and more.

Whether you have a large budget or are working on a limited budget, the most successful event promotion starts early and utilizes multiple channels.

To keep all of your marketing activities organized, it’s important to create a marketing plan that provides a high-level timeline as well as detailed content calendars. In this guide, we’ll provide an overview of marketing tactics and then jump into an example timeline to highlight timing best practices.

Choose Marketing and Promotional Tactics

With an understanding of your budget and audience, you can begin to strategize on the tactics you’ll utilize to promote your event. Here, we’ve compiled the tactics event organizers use to reach their audiences.

Email marketing

A tried and true means for connecting with your existing network, you should use email marketing to share information and keep your community updated. But before hitting send on the first email, you should develop a messaging plan so that each email has a unique value proposition.

It’s customary to send a total of about 4-8 emails to a list member who hasn’t yet registered. Remember, each email should have a different message and a different spin on the urgency to “register now”.

Social Media

Social media is one of the best ways to spread the word about your upcoming event and encourage registration. Leveraging the most common platforms, you have the ability to reach audiences across multiple demographics. While social media seems like an easy box to check off, to see a return from your social media efforts, you should create a strategy.