Shopping Mall Events

Everyone is shopping online nowadays causing a huge economic crisis for brick and mortar retailers.

Events are great-crowd pullers, and by organizing them for your shopping mall, you can increase your foot traffic with ease. They are also a great marketing tactics through which you can increase the sales of your store tenants as well which is why it’s so common to see shopping centres regularly organize events.

Holding events at your shopping mall can give you the opportunity to create human connections which can enhance your digital media marketing efforts.


One of the more effective campaigns that companies use is turning to their websites to push people to come into their stores and make a purchase by offering coupons on their website. The catch is you can only use the coupon for an in-store purchase. Brilliant!

Ok! So, you’ve got the customer coming into the mall, but how do you get them to stay in the mall and visit more retailers? The answer is we are offering events in shopping malls. There are many mall events ideas and mall entertainment ideas.

Now let’s take a look at some of the best mall marketing event ideas you can implement with Promofobia.

DIY Classes

Hosting DIY classes can be a great way of getting people to your shopping mall. People are always looking out for activities to do, and if you can teach them something new, it’ll surely catch their attention. While classes can bring people to your shopping centre, you can use it to showcase some products of your tenants as well.

Product Launches

Product launches can be great events that can attract a huge crowd to your shopping centre. Whether it’s a new book or a watch party, it’s bound to bring in loads of people. However, you need to ensure that you publicize the product launch well in advance to get the most out of it.

Store Opening

Make adequate arrangements to accommodate the crowd that will come in for the opening event. You should also partner with the store owners to launch a promotion or sale on the opening day which can further help increase your foot traffic.

Cultural Events

Cultural events can be huge crowd-pullers, and you can use them for marketing your shopping centre with ease. All you need to do is come up with a list of cultural events that might catch the fancy of your town’s residents and publicize them.

Expert Talks

You can bring in experts from a variety of fields to your mall. For instance, you could get a fashion expert to your shopping mall to talk about the latest fashion trends. This would fit extremely well as you are most likely to have an apparel store in your shopping centre.


One of the best ways of promoting your shopping centre is by organizing meets-and-greets. You could invite some eminent personality, such as an author or a celebrity, to your shopping mall to meet-and-greet your customers.

Events for your shopping mall can help in giving an unforgettable experience to your customers. You could host cultural events, DIY classes, and expert talks to attract people to your shopping mall.