Stall Fabrication

Equal Designs - is a Design & production agency for exhibition stalls, graphic works with In-house design studio our own production facilities. Our dedicated client servicing team works closely with clients to ensure best of design and fabrication.

Stall Design can help you immensely in promoting your brand. In the exhibition, your exhibition stall plays an important role to stand out among others boldly and strongly. It’s your stall’s design and attractive fabrication that attracts the eyes of people coming in the exhibition. Well, if you fail to make your stall attractive, you fail your brand too! But, amazingly attractive exhibition stall design can bring a strong impact on people about your brand. Give your unique brand a unique personality and get more and more attention in the exhibition with the best exhibition stall.


Brands and Companies go across the nation to participate in Exhibitions to reach to target audience. Certainly it becomes mandatory for clients to represent stall or brand in an attractive and innovative way to become visible in competition. Our creative and innovative stall designs and seamless fabrication service help you to meet these objectives.

The design and stall looks is the only thing that catches the attention of visitors. The proper branding, right mixture of colour, the optimized use of the available space, right property placement, attractive display of the products etc., all these are the key factors that we keep in our mind to come up with an innovative design for our clients. We are specialized in providing a complete range of services right from Stall Designing to Fabrication with our experienced designers and builders. Our design solutions provide the right infrastructure to innovate your marketing, motivate your audience and activate your brand.

Use the stall design as an important advertising tool

In the exhibition, different brands come up with different stalls for showcasing their brands’ unique offerings! There, all prospective clients choose the stall only by a single glance at the stall’s design. That’s why you can use your stall design for advertising your brand’s products and services. Showcase the quality of your high standard services to them through the most attractive graphics. An excellent stall graphics design creates a lasting impression in the minds of the visitors of the exhibition. Build a strong corporate image and advertise your products and services in the most eye-grabbing manner!