Voice over Ads

A strong and targeted voice over undoubtedly means a lot to an advertisement, no matter what platform the ad is running on.

An advertising voice-over not only has to convey a specific message precisely, but it must also support your brand and deliver the emotional message the advertisement is intending to invoke. In addition, a distinctive voiceover narrator can give your advertisements a recognizable auditory profile that listeners and viewers immediately recognize and engage with.

Our voice talents are skilled professionals and trained to perfectly encapsulate a particular character or tone-of-voice. We know the unique capabilities and characteristics of each and every one of our voice talents and their narrative voices. For example, a 12-year-old boy is perhaps best played by a 30-year-old female narrator in Danish, but possibly by a 45-year-old male in German.


The perfect voice actor will resonate with your target audience by bringing the right tone, sensibility, and character to your sales message.

The right voice can even become synonymous with your brand, transforming it from just another name on the shelf to being as familiar and beloved to your customer as their best friend.

Those products, and the voices that sell them, are likely as familiar to you as the sun!

Your potential customer needs to hear your message from a voice that’s relatable and trustworthy.

Psychology tells us that people trust those who are most like themselves, so age, gender, and accent are all important in choosing your voice actor.