Youtubers Collaboration

To an outsider, YouTube is just a video platform they mess around with to watch a few videos each day and go on about their business. To more enthusiastic fans, and to the people who make YouTube what it is, YouTube is more akin to an open market of content creators making videos tailored to all kinds of people. The question is, how do YouTubers grow? Contemplating this question leads you to another one, which is a huge part of growth: what is a YouTube collab? Well, at Grin, we know all about YouTube collabs, so keep reading.

By far the most difficult milestone for a YouTuber to pass is their first 500 subscribers. 100 may seem like a nice, round number, but with just a few good videos that number can be reached. 500 requires regular quality content, with a few pieces getting noticed.


Earning a subscriber on YouTube isn’t just about making a good video- it’s about having multiple good videos for them to watch when they visit your channel after seeing their first from you. 100 is easy. But starting out and making it to 500 requires a healthy combination of luck and skill.

Look for number of subscribers, numbers of comments per video, and ratio of likes to dislikes. All these criteria demonstrate the quality of audience and level of authority a YouTube channel has with their audience. The best YouTube content creators got there for a reason, by creating the best content and will know the best ways to adapt your brand to their content. Tube filter is a great resource for YouTube creators and they regularly list the top subscribed to channels.

The issue is, there’s an untold amount of YouTubers creating quality content that none of us know about. Think of all your favourite channels- beyond any doubt, there are hundreds of other people creating content suited to your tastes that you’ve simply never heard of, and might never hear of. The world is a big place- so is the Internet, and so is YouTube.

This is how YouTubers grow from a small niche into a large fan base. By doing a YouTube collab, two relatively isolated audiences are introduced to the other’s content, and in most cases this usually goes quite well. Of course, this is speaking about smaller YouTubers operating for a niche of users. Sometimes, huge YouTubers will happen upon small fry in the wild and link to or mention them- causing a huge, one-way flow of traffic to that channel as an endorsement.